Water Data Facts Infographic

Infographic: Water – An Unequal Human Right

Runner-up in the 2011 Urban Water Design Challenge, sponsored by and Circle of Blue.

Harvard Students Win Urban Water Design Challenge for Interactive Water Footprint Infographic

Three weeks, 36 entries: Global competition sponsored by Circle of Blue and

Infographic: Successes and Failures of China's Five-Year Plans (1996 -2010)

A breakdown of previous plans gives context to the newly released 12th Five-Year Plan.
China Pipeline Map

Infographic: China's South-North Water Transfer Project

Authorities close to the central government say the western line will be built.

Infographic: China's Wind Energy Sector is Global Leader

Wind generating capacity in China has reached more than 42 GW—the most of any country.

Choke Point: China - Confronting Water Scarcity and Energy Demand in the World’s Largest Country

An escalating confrontation over resources; a confrontation with global implications.
Going the Distance for Water

Infographic: Going the Distance, From Ashgabat to Whyalla—10 Cities Pumping Water From Afar

In many cities, water travels far to reach the tap. Residents of the planet's driest places rely on extensive waterways to deliver their supply. Click through the interactive infographic below to learn more about 10 cities that pipe water in from distant aquifers, plus additional plans to expand waterway networks even further.

Do It and Prove It—Information Technology Opens Up the Water Sector

Organizations are creating tech tools to shine light on water supply operations—and improve service.

Timeline: North American Bulk Water Sales

Bulk water has been attempted and banned around the world. Visualize the last decade of attempts in Sitka.

2009 California Water Plan Published

Report recommends upgrading the state's information base to better user understanding of the water system.

Infographic: Top 10 Deepest Freshwater Lakes in the World

craterlake In which freshwater body can you scuba dive down more than 5,350 ft (1.63 km)? Which deep African lake was more freshwater fish species than an other lake in the world?

Infographic: 10 Things You Should Know About Water

10thingsknow How much drinkable water is there in the world? How much water does an American, a European, an African use everyday?