Clean water essential for people living with AIDS

KAMPALA, UGANDA — Speaking during a workshop on HIV/AIDS and sanitation at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala recently, the executive director of the Uganda Water and Sanitation Network, John Byarugaba, said that lack of clean water increases the risk of diarrhea among people living with HIV/AIDS. “The immuno-compromised status of people living with HIV/AIDS renders them more susceptible to opportunistic infections, including those related to water and sanitation,” he explained.

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  1. Katie says:

    People who are living with Aids need purified water. It is not a matter or wanting; they literally need it to help them survive a little longer. When someone is infected with Aids their immune system is weakened so much, that just drinking unpurified water could give them an infection. When you are that sick. the last thing that you need is an infection to make it worse. When a person is diagnosed with Aids, the HIV virus has weakened the immune system so much that it can’t fight of any infection. Even a little one the size of a cold or the flu.

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