Opinion: Georgia Needs More than Rain and Rhetoric to Recover from Drought

ATLANTA — It might be raining in Georgia, but the southeastern United States continues to feel the impacts of drought. Now the media is also weighing in. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it takes years of conservation for an area to recover from spells of dryness. Georgia is no exception, they report.

In this in-depth commentary, Ken Foskett of the newspaper’s editorial board discusses ways the state should more seriously regulate water usage, in order to promote a culture of conservation among residents, industries and businesses.

“The irony is that no one loses when residents and businesses use less water,” writes Foskett. “Lake and stream levels rise. Lake Lanier residents get their shoreline back. Downstream users are protected. And Georgia can continue to accommodate new residents and businesses. But it will take more than words to make it happen.”

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Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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