Entries by Aubrey Ann Parker

Georgia and Tennessee: 200 Years of a Tennessee River Toss-up

Tennessee River Water Allocation Face-offCould the fourth time be the charm for Georgia’s push to re-negotiate its border with Tennessee?

Alabama, Florida and Georgia: A Tri-State Tug-of-War for Lake Lanier

Congress solidifies a federal judge’s ruling to settle a 20-year-old dispute.

Nevada and Utah: Desert Aquifer Dispute in Snake Valley

Snake Valley, Utah.  Image courtesy of the Utah Geological SurveryA highly disputed bill sits on the desk of Utah Governor Gary Herbert that would allow the construction of a 300-mile pipeline to pump 16 billion gallons of groundwater from the Snake Valley aquifer to as many as 120,000 households in the growing desert metropolis of Las Vegas, Nevada.

North vs. South: Carolinas in Supreme Court Battle for Catawba River

The Catawba River is used by more than 30 cities and 17 counties for industry and drinking.

Mississippi vs. Tennessee: Billion-dollar Supreme Court Question, “Is Memphis Stealing Water?”

Mephis TennesseeThe Supreme Court will decide if Memphis has been stealing Mississippi’s groundwater since 1985 and must pay $1 billion in damages.

Solar Power Plants Drain Desert Waters

The push for renewable energy through low-carbon alternatives could further compromise water resources

Ed Kashi: Oil and Conflict in the Niger Delta

Circle of Blue reporter Aubrey Parker spoke with Ed Kashi. He is a photojournalist for National Geographic.

Dengue Epidemic Hits South American Urban Centers

With the rainy season still to come, South America is already facing one of the largest dengue fever epidemics on record.