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Groundhog Day & California’s Drought

Like the 1993 classic film starring Bill Murray, the state is stuck in a perpetual time loop of drought, wildfire, and civic dispute, according to managing editor Aubrey Ann Parker.

Asian Carp Queen and the Zebra Mussel Band

Water at work, water at home, water at play — hot summer days and small-town parades are the perfect reminder of why I love my job. Photo © Aubrey Ann Parker / Circle of Blue The Asian Carp Queen and her Zebra Mussel Band roll through Frankfort, Michigan, during the 4th of July parade. My […]

Interpreting New Data on Africa’s Groundwater

Ever wonder what we’re working on behind the scenes here at Circle of Blue? This is the first of a new multimedia series from our editorial staff. We’re hoping that by better getting to know each of our team members — what we’re reading, what data we’re playing with, what recent report has piqued our […]

Deadly La Niña Goes Global—Part I: For Western Hemisphere, Record Rains in Latin America

Hundreds have died in Colombian floods, as cooler sea temperatures affect regions around the Pacific; climate change seen as a possible cause.

Cholera in Haiti — The Climate Connection

Researchers explain the correlation between environmental interactions and human health, as reported infections climb to 10,000 cases.

Indigenous People from Ecuador to Louisiana Forge Alliances Against Global Oil Spills

Indigenous leaders from Amazon rainforests to Bayou swamplands.

Bottomless Precedent: BP Gulf Gusher Endemic to Global Oil Problem

Big spills and bigger damage to people and water resources around the globe.