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India and Pakistan Dispute Water Use for Hydropower, Agriculture

India strives to redirect water, currently used for Pakistani agriculture, on the Kishanganga River for 330 megawatts.

Q&A: Upmanu Lall on India’s Nexus of Energy, Food and Water

Upmanu Lall talks specifically of three regions of India where cereals are grown, despite recent droughts.

Infographic: Alaska to India Bulk Water Export Data

Sitka, Alaska to send millions of gallons of water to India, which will then be distributed in the Middle East.

Sudan’s Fight Against the Guinea Worm

The Guinea worm has the potential to become the second completely eradicated disease in human history—but the political stability of one African nation will play a crucial role.

Q&A: ‘Crude’ Director Joe Berlinger on Chevron Oil in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Featuring Live Earth, Vanity Fair cover, and a CNN Hero Award.

The Price of Hydropower Pursuits in Patagonia

In Chile’s Trackless Mountain Wilderness, A Clash Between Pristine Rivers and Hydropower Prospects

The Struggle for Indigenous and Freshwater Rights at Copenhagen and Beyond

For two weeks in Copenhagen last month climate negotiators debated carbon levels, emissions, and balancing the financial burden of saving the planet among developed and developing countries. Still, even as international leaders wrestled with the complex mix of geopolitics, science, economics, and diplomacy, another important ingredient in the climate crisis was barely mentioned: the effect of the warming planet on the Earth’s freshwater.

At the Helm of the First U.S. Freshwater Studies Program — Meet Hans VanSumeren

Hans VanSumeren has performed extensive water-related research from Maine to the Florida Keys, as far West as the Hawaiian Islands, and all the way to the bitter north of the Alaskan Bering Glacier. His latest adventure — creating the only Freshwater Studies program in the nation — is innovatively using eduction to combat the global water crisis.

U.S. Media Tarnishes Message of Copenhagen Climate Change Protest

Circle of Blue’s Aubrey Ann Parker reports on-the-ground from the Global Day of Action and reveals the truth behind sensational headlines that played up police arrests in Copenhagen.

Texas Legislators Raise Awareness About State’s Water Woes

More than 600 Texas lawmakers and water policy experts came together in Fort Worth this week for The Water Event conference to raise awareness about the state’s water crisis. The two-day forum called attention to legislation that aims to confront the state’s depleting water resources while its population swells.