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Scientists Decode the Genomes of Parasitic Flatworms

Scientists have cracked the genetic code of one of the world’s deadliest water-borne parasites, opening the door for better drug treatment and prevention.

US Projects Give Millions for Water and Sanitation to Tribes

The U.S. government is looking to get tribal homes on a par with the rest of the nation through a $90 million stimulus package for water and sanitation access.

Drinking From The Sea

Pressed by growing urban populations, drier and warmer climates and the need to fortify supplies stretched by the increasing worldwide thirst, metropolitan and national governments on five continents are building record numbers of industrial plants to use a nearly alchemic technology to produce drinking water from the sea.

White House Report: US to Face Floods, Droughts and Competition for Water

The White House issued last Tuesday an assessment of how global warming will unfold across the United States in the next century.