Washington Water Main, March 14: Energy, EPA Director Nominations Pending

Confirmation hearings are pending for President Barack Obama's nominees to lead the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

Washington Water Main, March 7: Interior Secretary Nominee Greets A Respectful Senate Committee

Interior Secretary nominee Sally Jewell is expected to take the helm of a department with major influence over United States' water, food, and energy systems later this month after a relatively cordial confirmation hearing.

The Stream, February 13: Balancing the Needs of Water Stakeholders

United States In his State of the Union address yesterday, President…

Asian Carp — On the Docket in D.C. and Chicago; On the Menu in Michigan

Federal judge rejects Asian carp injunction as Congress passes a ban on their import.

Analysis: Obama Takes Copenhagen Stage While Palin Sits on Thinning Ice

Steve Solomon, author of the forthcoming WATER: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, pens a guest editorial for Circle of Blue that examines water's integral role as a planetary climate regulator.

Fred Krupp: Changing the Climate at the World Economic Forum

Fred Krupp
Fred Krupp, of the Environmental Defense Fund, talks carbon, Obama and more.

New Legislation to Restore Watersheds & Wilderness in American West

Protection for 2.1 million acres of land and 1,000 miles of rivers.

Remember Zimbabwe? It’s Much Worse Now.

Friday was to mark the end of U.S. sanctions against Mugabe's…

Betting Green on Blue: What does the Stimulus Package do for Water?

For all those environmentally conscious tax payers who tossed…

Water Infrastructure & Maintenance Given Short End of Stimulus Stick

WASHINGTON -- An impressive nearly $1 trillion may soon flow…