Pump Slump: Island of Oahu Experiences Water Shortage

HONOLULU — After a proliferation of electricity outages, the Hawaiian island of Oahu needs to limit its water usage, say officials at the Board of Water Supply. Oahu depends on electric pumps to keep its reservoirs full. During the outages, residents have been withdrawing the resource and water wagons have delivered emergency stock to hospitals.

“We need the time to recharge our pipes and refill our reservoirs. It’s going to take a little bit of time,” the board’s spokeswoman Su Shin told MSNBC. “If people do a really good job of conserving, then we’ll be fine. We’ll be able to get through this without completely losing water. It is 100 percent dependent on how much people conserve.” The board encourages citizens to limit their use to bathing and drinking.

As states across the nation begin to recognize the imminence of water and power crises, the connection between the two forces begins to appear more relevant than ever before.

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Source: MSNBC

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