Texans Protest “Thirsty” Nuclear Power Plants in Chicago

Protesters from Victoria County, Texas, made their way to Chicago to demonstrate against a new nuclear power plant planned in their community. The protesters carried signs reading “Don’t Mess with Texas Water” and “No Thirsty Nukes,” highlighting their opposition to the proposed plant’s water requirements.

The group, members of Texans for a Sound Energy Policy Alliance (TSEPA), demonstrated in front of Exelon Nuclear’s headquarters. The power company has reserved some 75,000 acre feet of water per year for the proposed reactor — many times the amount used annually by the City of Victoria. According to a press release by TSEPA, Exelon’s water rights will take priority over those of the city, allowing the plant to pump even in times of severe drought.

Exelon begs to differ. Bill Harris, Exelon’s manager of community outreach in Victoria, told the Kerrville Daily Times that the plant won’t overdraw. “Other than rainwater, the Guadalupe river will serve as our source of water. But Exelon will only take water from the Guadalupe after all other needs have been met,” he said.

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Source : Kerrville Daily Times

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