The Stream, May 11: Top Scientists Say Water + Energy = Linked Issues

Energy and Climate
The world’s top scientists are urging governments to look at water and energy as a single, linked issue and say that growing demands for both resources is one of three major global dilemmas, the Guardian reported.

How dirty are Canada’s oil sands? Reuters looks at Europe and Canada’s battle over how to classify crude from this unconventional source following the release of a new study that says emissions from oil-sand crude are only 12 percent higher than those from conventional crude.

The oil industry says it has put $US 71 billion into researching low-emission, renewable energy sources like biofuel, Bloomberg News reported.

Lead dust from a gold mining rush threatens tens of thousands of children in Nigeria and could contaminate water supplies, according to Médecins Sans Frontières, Bloomberg News reported.

Uganda’s government has threatened to expel Oxfam and the Uganda Land Alliance if the non-governmental organizations do not apologize for accusing the government of facilitating land grabs by international businesses, the Guardian reported. The government says the allegations have incited violence and tarnished the president’s name.

A South African mining company plans to develop a new 13-15 million tonne coal mine to supply the export market, but the timing of the project will depend on the availability of water and rail infrastructure, according to Reuters.

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