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The Stream, February 18: Ethiopia’s Planned Nile River Dam Could Affect Water Supply for Millions

Ethiopia is building a dam that will give the country control over the Nile River’s primary water source. The dam has far-reaching consequences for Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, and the millions of people who depend on the river, The Ohio State University’s Andrew Carlson reported, and raises questions about who owns the river. Shifting Scarcity in […]


Rohini Nilekani

Rohini Nilekani began her career as a journalist and writer. But upon marrying Nadan Nilekani — co-founder of the Indian tech-consulting firm Infosys — and coming into some money, she sought a cause to support financially. “I was looking for an area that would make sense to me and that would also have some kind […]


The Stream, May 3: Nile River Treaty?

Local protests against mining and energy projects in Peru are on course to affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections in June, Reuters reports. Some $40 billion in mostly foreign investment has been lined up for Peruvian projects over the next decade, but protesters fear that the extractive processes might cause pollution and drain […]