Infographic: Biofuels 101 — Water Use from Plant to Power Source

Production of ethanol, the most commonly used biofuel, has prompted concerns about water use and food supply.

Click through the interactive graphic below for information on the different types of biofuels: algae-based, corn-based, soy-based, and cellulosic. Scroll over the different key words for more information about feedstocks and processes, such as the difference between thermochemical and biochemical. production Explore the statistics associated with biofuels by clicking through the arrows.

Graphic © Amanda DePrisco and Mark Townsend/Ball State University for Circle of Blue
Introduction to biofuels. Click the interactive graphic to learn more. Click here for non-iframe Biofuels 101 infographic.

Graphic by Amanda DePrisco and Mark Townsend, Ball State University undergraduate students, with contribution from Aubrey Ann Parker.

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  1. Bill Whigham says:

    They are leaving the biggest asset off of the biofuels table. Hemp has more biomass than any other industrial crop, not to mention the 20,000 products that could be manufactured from it. Of course the corporate lobyist would never allow this to thrive.

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